Interview to Andrew Bernstein, who is author of the book “The Capitalist Manifesto”

Andrew defines a hero as somebody that overcomes the tremendous difficulties in order to promote or advance human life on this earth.

Therefore, for Andrew the real life heroes are people who use their human brain, people like scientists, philosophers and writers. Bernstein advices that people should choose heroes through out their life, and this is necessary for the development of a strong moral character and a healthy psychology.

To choose a hero one has to look at people who benefit human life, their integrity, moral character and their commitment to and ideal.

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Andrew Bernstein holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the City University of New York. He lectures all over the world. He is a senior writer for the Ayn Rand Institute. He has written numerous books, including his novel, A Dearth of Eagles, recently published and available from Amazon.