It’s something beyond sickening to hear the news media fawn, almost in admiration, at how Saddam Hussein “still has spirit” and “found his way” under difficult circumstances in court today. Dan Rather’s gentle tone is particularly horrifying

Earth to media: The man is a violent, brutal and terrorizing dictator. He’s an evil thug of the Hitler/Stalin variety even if his reach never got to extend as far. Why on earth do members of our media establishment speak with any level of reverence, dignity or even subtle admiration for this man?

I’ll tell you the answer. It’s because he’s an opponent of the United States. Anyone who hates the United States in general and George W. Bush in particular is a pretty good guy, in their book.

Such an attitude is worse than that of the terrorists. The terrorists at least don’t want to live here and benefit from what the United States has to offer. The liberal media-intellectual establishment, and all who agree with them, despise the United States while at the same time choosing to live here and benefit from all it has to offer. While spreading their hatred, they enable and encourage the terrorists–thus providing them power they would never otherwise have. In a very real way, such disgusting and idiotic hypocrisy is dangerous.

Cartoon by Cox and Forkum

Michael Moore and John Kerry are their perfect leaders. The first, with his unshaven, deliberate ugliness is the physical embodiment of all the hatred for which he stands. The second, in his capacity for taking absolutely no position about anything at any time–thinking he’s masking his true liberalism, socialism and pacifism from an uncritical, nonthinking electorate–represents the absolute dead end of a political movement in the process of committing suicide.

As for Saddam Hussein, I stick by my original position of last winter following his capture: why didn’t we just shoot him?

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Dr Michael Hurd

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